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Climate Change and Resiliency

As the New York region and our nation respond to the climate crisis and an increasingly complex array of climate-related laws, SPR is uniquely positioned to help building owners, managers and tenants, as well as other real estate stakeholders, understand and succeed in this new and changing regulatory landscape. We regularly work with technical, financial and political consultants to provide tailored strategic advice on carbon emissions reductions, energy efficiency, and waterfront and resiliency planning.  In addition, SPR is advising governmental agencies as to the environmental impact review and permitting of several large-scale resiliency projects throughout Lower Manhattan.

Our attorneys are thought leaders in this space, and our expertise is frequently sought for panels,  publications and industry and government working groups about the development and implementation of new climate laws and resiliency measures, including the NYC Climate Mobilization Act of 2019, the New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), and evolving best practices related to climate change risk assessment and waterfront development.

SPR’s services include:

  • Strategizing and integrating building energy efficiency and emissions reduction measures, including compliance with NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act
  • Creating and executing climate change due diligence measures for corporate and real estate transactions
  • Developing and implementing corporate sustainability goals
  • Understanding and participating in emissions trading schemes
  • Drafting and negotiating green leases
  • Advising on environmental impact review, waterfront permitting and planning for flood zones and sea level rise, including appropriate categorization under the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps and compliance with New York City Building Code Appendix G (Flood Resilient Construction)

“An Update on Local Law 97 and the State of Climate Law in New York,” Presenter

For: New York State Bar Association

January 16, 2024

“Local Law 154 Pulls the Plug on Fossil Fuels in New Buildings: Is New York City Ready for Its All-Electric Future?,” Co-Author

For: 33 Environmental Law in New York 169; Co-Author(s): Adam Stolorow, Evan Preminger

October 2022

“Climate Mobilization Act Series: The IRA Meets New York,” Panelist

For: Building Energy Exchange (panelist)

January 24, 2023

“NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act – Practical Implications and Updates Nearly One Month Away From The First Deadline,” Panelist

For: St. John’s University School of Law (panelist)

May 2021

“Applying for LL97 Adjustments,” Panelist

For: Building Energy Exchange (panelist)

May 2021

“Preparing for Carbon Emission Limits under NYC Local Law 97,” Panelist

For: HalfMoon Education, Inc. (panelist)

January 2021

“Maximizing Property Values Through Onsite Solar,” Panelist

For: Fall 2020 Webinar Series with SPR and Crauderueff Solar (panelist)

November 2020

“Landlord & Tenant Cooperation for Energy Efficiency,” Panelist

For: IFMA NYC and CoreNet Global NYC, panelist on Local Law 97

August 2020

“Optimizing Your New Roof’s Value: Local Law 92/94 Opportunities,” Panelist

For: Webinar Hosted by SPR and Crauderueff Solar (panelist)

April 2020

“Local Law 97 – Legal, Technical and Financial Risks Uncovered,” Panelist

For: Seminar Hosted by SPR and RENEW Energy Partners (panelist)

March 2020

“Climate Change Legislation, Environmental Law 2020,” Presenter

For: American Law Institute

February 2020

“Local Law and Decarbonization, Conference on Climate Disruption and Decarbonization,” Presenter

For: American Bar Association

February 2020

“Navigating Urban Waterway Development,” Presenter

For: Center for Creative Land Recycling


“WISE Tackles the Climate Mobilization Act,” Panelist

For: Building Energy Exchange panel (panelist)

October 2019

“Landlord-Tenant Collaboration: Key Strategies for Whole Building Energy and Emissions Performance,” Presenter

For: Climate Week NYC (with the Institute for Market Transformation and the Building Energy Exchange)

September 2019

“SPR Attorneys Explain the NYC Buildings Emissions Law,” Co-Presenter

For: SPR Webinar

August 2019

“Highlights of NYC’s Building Emissions Law,” Presenter

For: Environmental Law Network Webinar

August 2019

“The Climate Mobilization Act – How It Affects You (And How PACE Can Help),” Panelist

For: Duval & Stachenfeld LLP panel (panelist)

July 2019

“How NYC Building Owners Will Cash In on the New Environmental Standards,” Presenter

For: Queens Chamber of Commerce panelist on NYC Local Law 97

July 2019

“Looking Forward and Looking Back: The Path to Deep Emissions Reductions in New York City’s Buildings,” Moderator

For: New York City Bar Association panel (moderator)

May 2019

“Waterfront Redevelopment and Resilience: Natural Resources, Regulatory Changes, and Future Physical Climate Risks,” Presenter

For: New York State Bar Association Environment and Energy Law Section

January 30, 2015

“Combined Heat and Power’s Potential to Meet New York City’s Sustainability Goals,” Co-Author

For: Energy Policy, vol. 65(C), 444–454; Co-Author(s): Alexis Saba et al., Bianca Howard


“Flood Zones: Where Does Your Property Stand in Our Post-Sandy State?,” Panelist

For: Real Estate Board of New York’s (REBNY), Panelist

September 2013

“Recovery and Rebuilding After Superstorm Sandy: Legal Perspectives in What We Know and Where We Go,” Co-Planning Chair & Panelist

For: Panelist and Co-planning Chair, NY/NJ Bar Association

April 2013