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SPR Principals Chair ALI-CLE Environmental Law Course

On February 7-8, 2019, SPR principals Daniel Riesel and Pamela Esterman co-chaired the 49th annual ALI CLE Environmental Law Course in Washington, DC. The course, which was co-sponsored by ALI CLE and the Environmental Law Institute, featured advanced-level presentations by senior public officials, distinguished law professors, seasoned private practitioners, and experienced public interest advocates. This year’s conference included a keynote address from the EPA Acting Administrator, Andrew R. Wheeler. In addition to chairing the course, Daniel Riesel lead a panel on CERCLA and RCRA, and Pamela Esterman lead a panel on ethical issues associated with environmental practice. Principal Dan Chorost also spoke about developments in renewable energy, particularly offshore wind. Additional panels covered the following topics:
  • Challenges and Changes in Environmental Law: What to Expect in the Coming Year;
  • Emerging Contaminants: Risk Assessment, Regulatory Uncertainty, and Potential Consequences;
  • A New Supreme Court: How Justice Kavanaugh’s Vote May Impact Environmental Policies,
  • Recent Developments Under the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act;
  • The Endangered Species Act and Public Lands;
  • Climate Change: State, Local, and International Activity, and
  • NEPA and Environmental Justice.
For more detailed information and online registration for future courses, please visit the course website.