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SPR Accepted to the NYC Accelerator Service Provider Program

SPR and NYC Accelerator graphic

SPR is now a legal service provider in the NYC Accelerator Service Provider Program. NYC Accelerator, a program of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice, is designed to mobilize real estate stakeholders on a pathway to decarbonization, meet compliance with local building energy laws, and improve the health and safety of New York City’s one million buildings.

As a NYC Accelerator service provider, SPR supports building owners, managers and tenants throughout the decarbonization and energy efficiency process, including compliance with energy benchmarking and audit requirements (Local Law 84 and 87) and building emissions standards (Local Law 97). SPR can assist with:

  • Evaluating Local Law 97 compliance pathways, including for clients with affordable housing, historic structures, or other special building types.
  • Developing decarbonization and energy efficiency plans that align with clients’ corporate missions, ESG goals, and budgets—including recommending consultants, collaborating with clients’ engineers and other advisers, and turning energy audits into long-term building management strategies.
  • Providing guidance on the role of clean distributed energy resources (like renewables and battery storage) in Local Law 97 compliance and assistance throughout the development process.
  • Advising clients on incorporating decarbonization into their due diligence for acquisitions and leases.
  • Working with commercial landlords and tenants to develop leasing strategies and specific lease language.
  • Facilitating landlord/tenant negotiations related to Local Law 97 compliance costs and other decarbonization and energy efficiency work.
  • Collaborating with technical consultants to draft Local Law 97 adjustment applications, decarbonization plans, and annual compliance reports.
  • Representing clients in enforcement proceedings with the NYC Department of Buildings.

We look forward to collaborating with the NYC Accelerator during this pivotal moment for NYC building decarbonization.