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Dan Riesel to Present CLE on Zombie Corporations and CERCLA Liability

On April 15, 2021, 1:00-2:00pm EDT, SPR Principal Daniel Riesel will present a continuing legal education webinar with Strafford entitled “Zombie Corporations and CERCLA Liability: Identifying and Pursuing Zombie PRPs." CLE participants will learn how to access and monetize the undistributed insurance assets of dissolved corporations (aka zombie corporations) to help cover contamination site cleanup costs. The webinar will focus on what to do after identifying zombie candidates, claims evaluation due diligence, litigation trends in potentially responsible party and insurance cost recovery cases, the states where these claims are more likely to succeed, and how to manage and overcome impediments to successful recoveries. Dan Riesel is an experienced environmental litigator and has litigated numerous CERCLA cases since the inception of that statute.